David Daskam

David Daskman moved to Washington for a longer washing season. He started in Minnesota doing high rise buildings. To stay busy he also did snow removal in the winter, washed residential houses on the side, and has worked in other fields. He has picked up experience in many areas along the way like deck work, scissor lifts, one man basket, ladder van, platform lifts, bolsun chair, forty-foot ladder, tucker pole, high rise pressure washing, light replacements, putting up banners, and more.

His passion and dedication to perfection and quality motivated him to open his own company. Since 2009, David is the owner and operator of DND Window Washing LLC which offers professional services and specializes in window cleaning. Since day one and for 20 years now, David’s commitment and number one concern is to please the customer with detailed work completing projects on time.

We have 20 years of experience on every kind of building, both commercial and residential.

David Daskam - DND Window Washing

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